MetaSource Launches Mortgage Pre-Funding QC Solution

MetaSource, a provider of mortgage quality control (QC) compliance advisory and workflow automation solutions, has launched QReview, a Web-based platform for pre-funding QC audits.

QReview is designed to streamline and automate pre-funding QC review for lenders that execute this function in-house with existing staff, the firm says in a release.

“QReview allows lenders [that] decide to perform their pre-funding QC reviews internally to have access to our powerful analytics and reporting platform, QLink,” said Adam Osthed, CEO of MetaSource. “QReview provides lenders with the customizable and flexible web-based platform they need in order to execute this critical loan quality function. This puts their internal pre-fund, external pre-fund and outsourced post-close QC reviews in one place with consistent metrics.”

Because the system is integrated with the MetaSource QLink platform, users can easily offload portions of their pre-funding QC reviews to MetaSource’s QC review team, and all results, including any post-closing QC reviews outsourced to MetaSource, are available via QLink.


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