Metro-West Appraisal Launches ‘Three Columns Of Protection’

Metro-West Appraisal Co. is now offering its “Three Columns of Protection” program, which limits liability for the firm’s clients.

The first column of protection in the “Three Columns of Protection” program is compliance. “At Metro-West, we pride ourselves in being able to provide reliable and fully compliant residential real estate appraisal solutions and alternative valuation products,” says Greg Stephens, chief appraiser at Metro-West, in a release.

Metro-West says its team works to ensure that all appraisals and inspections are completed in a compliant manner, protecting clients from risk and supporting the practice of the firm’s staff appraisers.

The second column is counsel. Metro-West has an in-house legal team that aggressively defends appraisers and the appraisal process. This aggressive approach has protected staff appraisers and clients for nearly 30 years.

The third column is coverage. Metro-West is the largest independent appraisal firm in the nation and has coverage that is four times greater than the average independent appraiser. The firm’s $3 million errors and omissions policy provides peace of mind when engaging staff appraisers and gives clients a sense of security when utilizing the firm’s services.


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