MISMO Awards First Premiere Level Product Certification To eLynx

The Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA) Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) has given its first Premiere Level certification of a product to Expedite, the services platform from eLynx.

Expedite is a suite of integrated on-demand services that simplify paperless business processes between enterprises and their customers and partners. Lenders that use Expedite can electronically deliver and receive signed loan documents from consumers. Lenders can also collaborate electronically with other workflow participants to exchange data, create multiple-party mortgage documents and manage fraud. Expedite has received certification for MISMO Version 3.3 within the Information Exchange business domain.

Under the organization's Software Certification Program, MISMO says the certification provides assurance that a technology provider's products demonstrate compliance with MISMO standards and best practices.

The Premiere Level ranking includes an assessment of the technology provider's MISMO related practices; specific product usage of MISMO standards; and evidence of MISMO training by an independent, MISMO-approved, third-party assessment company.

"We believe this certification program will be valuable for lenders and the entire mortgage industry because it provides clear assurance regarding compatibility in order to meet regulatory and counterparty requirements," says Mike Fratantoni, MISMO president.

"In securing this Premiere Level certification for our Expedite platform, lenders can more confidently trust that our solutions easily and quickly integrate using common standards, thereby reducing implementation risks and costs," says Andy Crisenbery, senior vice president of business operations for eLynx.


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