MISMO Seeks Participation In SMART Doc Workgroup

13201_92850011 MISMO Seeks Participation In SMART Doc Workgroup MISMO, the mortgage industry's standards organization, is seeking interested parties to participate in a Development Workgroup (DWG) to help set industry-wide policy through the generation of a SMART Doc Implementation Guide (I-Guide).

SMART is an acronym for Securable, Manageable, Archivable, Retrievable, Transferable. SMART Doc is an electronic document created to conform to a specification standardized by MISMO. A SMART document locks together data and presentation in such a way that it can be system-validated to guarantee the integrity of the document.

The I-Guide project will detail the instructions and requirements for implementing interoperable MISMO version 3 SMART Docs in PDF format. The DWG will develop sample SMART Docs showing the PDF-specific implementation of features including, but not limited to, electronic signatures, pre-populated fields, interactive fields, conditional content, hidden fields, notary certificates and recording endorsements. The group will meet for approximately one year with two one-hour conference calls per month.

Those interested in participating in this endeavor can sign up at the MISMO website.


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