Moody’s Affirms Dovenmuehle’s Servicer Quality with SQ2- Rating


Dovenmuehle Mortgage reports that Moody’s Investors Service has affirmed its servicer quality (SQ) assessment as a servicer of prime residential mortgage loans at SQ2-.

Dovenmuehle says the assessment underscores its exceptional capabilities across various key areas of mortgage servicing.

“This affirmation from Moody’s reaffirms our commitment to excellence in mortgage servicing. At Dovenmuehle, we prioritize not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients and borrowers,” says David Allison, senior vice president of business development for Dovenmuehle, in a release. “Our sustained performance reflects the dedication of our experienced team and our ongoing investment in technology and process enhancements.”

In its assessment, Moody’s highlighted Dovenmuehle’s focus on technology innovation and information security, noting the company’s recent upgrades in network security software and implementation of monthly phishing exercises. The key areas considered in the review include the following:

  • Loss Mitigation: The company’s loss mitigation abilities were rated above average, with improved processes and enhanced efficiency.
  • Enforcement Abilities: Dovenmuehle’s enforcement abilities were above average, noting compliance enhancements in foreclosure processes.
  • Loan Administration: The company’s loan administration function was rated as average, with automation and ongoing efforts to address reconciliation items.
  • Servicing Stability: Dovenmuehle’s servicing stability was average, highlighting technology investments and the provision of DMIConnect for client access.

In addition, Dovenmuehle’s collection performance metrics were deemed above average, and the company has consistently demonstrated robust loss mitigation abilities, maintaining solid cure and recidivism rates.

Photo: Jordan Crawford

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