Mortech’s Marksman Goes Mobile


Mortech, a Lincoln, Neb.-based mortgage technology provider, has released the Marksman Mobile platform, delivering Mortech's CRM applications and all-in-one product and pricing engine (PPE) capabilities to BlackBerries, iPhones or smartphones.

Marksman Mobile enables users to log into their unique Marksman accounts via a Web-enabled device, giving lenders and loan officers the ability to access rates and product and pricing information in real time and immediately respond to business-critical data, Mortech explains. With instant access to important rate data, PPE solutions and CRM applications, Marksman users can enjoy the freedom of working mobile, increasing productivity outside of the office and improving customer service.

‘The current market has made it increasingly difficult for lenders to close deals,’ says Don Kracl, president of Mortech. ‘With heightened regulations and weary buyers, our customers are looking for ways to increase close ratios and cut costs. This new platform enables our users to keep a close eye on the market and increase sales via a cell phone.’

Source: Mortech

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