Mortech’s PPE Now Integrated With Resitrader’s Whole Loan Trading Platform


Mortech‘s product and pricing engine is now integrated with Resitrader‘s whole loan trading platform.

That means lenders using Resitrader can now manage bids and review their Mortech pricing models in real time before executing trades.

The integration also enables lenders using Resitrader to communicate with buyers and sellers in real time.

Lenders can exchange loan data while comparing offers from the multiple pricing models available from Mortech and settle transactions in an easy and efficient format, the companies say in a release.

Mortech is a Zillow Group business providing mortgage technology solutions for mortgage bankers and secondary market teams, while Resitrader is a California-based provider of whole loan mortgage trade management software.

“In order for secondary marketing professionals to maximize productivity and profitability around whole loan trading, they must be equipped with data accuracy and workflow automation,” says Doug Foral, general manager at Mortech. “This system integration streamlines the process of buying and selling whole loans; immediately delivers accurate pricing data for more informed profitability decisions; and provides Mortech clients with the ability to execute trades after a loan has been closed.”

“With the rise of mini-bulk transactions and active price negotiation taking such a prominent role in today’s market, integrating pricing engine data makes it easy to create the best execution,” adds John Ardy, CEO of Resitrader. “Our integration with Mortech provides customers with a seamless interface for all the data they need to structure a whole loan trade.”

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