Mortgage Banking Solutions, PriceMyLoan Team Up

Mortgage Banking Solutions (MBS) and PriceMyLoan (PML) have joined together in an effort to help lenders optimize their businesses and establish a new strategy for success.

‘Lenders need to do more than just cut back on their expenses,’ states Andrew J. Schell, managing partner at Austin, Texas-based Mortgage Banking Solutions. ‘To survive in this lower margin world, lenders must find ways to optimize their operations and adapt to achieve sustainable profitability by fundamentally changing the way they do business.’

Among their strategic partners, MBS chose PML to provide product and pricing technology for their clients. According to PML, MBS' selection was based on a key criterion that sidelined other vendors. ‘A product and pricing engine must demonstrate that they can price loans accurately,’ Schell says. ‘Because of PriceMyLoan's ability to combine live credit, product and pricing data, there is high confidence in accurate product selection.’

Source: PriceMyLoan


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