Mortgage Cadence, CoreLogic Team to Lower the Cost to Originate


Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture company, has integrated CoreLogic’s Print and Ship secure document delivery solution with the latest version of Mortgage Cadence Enterprise Lending Center (ELC).

The integration enables ELC users who contract with CoreLogic to reduce manual processes and document delivery barriers.

In a release, Bryan Ireton, Accenture’s managing director for Mortgage Cadence, says the functionality delivered via the integration will help lenders “mitigate risk and to lower their cost to originate.”

“Having one-click access to CoreLogic’s Print and Ship solution helps expedite delivery of critical mortgage documents and reduce risks related to manual shipping processes,” Ireton adds.

CoreLogic’s automated print-and-ship services include features such as pullback, in-line quality control, rich real-time reports and a white-glove project management team for lender customer support.

With multiple print-and-ship locations to support all time zones, CoreLogic assists with same-day print and ship services, e-delivery capabilities and output return files nationwide.

As a result of this integration, ELC users simply press the “print and ship” button and automatically start the process, circumventing many traditional mailroom processes.

Documents with compliance driven delivery requirements as a result of TRID can be offered via the print-and-ship service.

Lenders receive real-time reporting and secure receipt of shipping data, provided by the CoreLogic AuthoMail functionality.

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