Mortgage Cadence Updates Its Borrower Center Platform

Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture company, recently launched the third generation of its Borrower Center module, expanding the borrower self-service capabilities and enhancing the origination workflow of its Enterprise Lender Center platform.

The Borrower Center is a cornerstone of Mortgage Cadence’s cloud-based technology, providing a secure, always-on-and-available-everywhere capability to help guide borrowers and lenders through the mortgage origination cycle.

As per a company press release, Borrower Center now sports a streamlined user interface that scales across devices, including mobile devices, enabling convenient anywhere, anytime access. During the application process, borrowers create a secure account to which they return throughout the origination cycle to virtually collaborate and check the progress of their loan, upload documents, view conditions, and communicate with their lender.

Because it is a single, Web-based technology platform, Borrower Center also serves as single system of record, Mortgage Cadence says in its release. Whereas other vendors use a cumbersome, multi-system integration approach, Borrower Center lets borrowers and lenders to interact easily throughout the mortgage origination process.

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