Mortgage Harmony In Alliance With LenderLive Network

13039_house_blue Mortgage Harmony In Alliance With LenderLive Network McLean, Va.-based Mortgage Harmony Corp. has announced an alliance with Glendale, Colo.-based LenderLive Network Inc. that is designed to enhance market awareness of the HarmonyLoan among financial institutions and mortgage finance professionals.

The HarmonyLoan is a consumer-initiated, interest-rate-resetting mortgage with a patented recurring compensation structure for loan officers. LenderLive is a domestic-based end-to-end mortgage services provider. Through its five divisions, the company offers origination, conduit, document and settlement services, and loan servicing to over 400 clients nationwide.

‘We continually look for opportunities to bring value to our customers and the HarmonyLoan clearly does that,’ says Rick Seehausen, CEO of LenderLive Network. ‘We are very excited about this opportunity.’


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