Mortgage Peer Network, OpenClose To Enhance Lender Operations

Mortgage Peer Network, sister company to Precision Risk Management Systems, a provider of mortgage business intelligence and pipeline risk management solutions, has joined forces with OpenClose, a multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) provider, to help lenders generate new business and operate more efficiently and intelligently through peer-based performance analysis and benchmarking.

Mortgage Peer Network states that because the industry has seen origination costs jump dramatically over the last three years, lenders need better tools and a better strategy to reduce costs and drive new business. Thanks to peer-based benchmark analyses that are correlated with consumer feedback and performance metrics, the company says lenders produce more top-line revenue while operating more efficiently.

“By combining peer-based benchmark analysis and milestone-based consumer feedback, lenders are able to accurately measure and understand their performance while delivering a consistently high-quality experience for their borrowers,” says Dave Demster, managing partner of Mortgage Peer Network.

“OpenClose customers can join Mortgage Peer Network with minimal setup and no integration effort,” he adds. “Mortgage Peer Network effectively becomes a high-value extension of OpenClose’s overall LOS value proposition.”

“Through the relationship with Mortgage Peer Network, our customers now have the option to take advantage of its solution to help them generate new business through social media, as well as delivering a superior customer experience,” says J.P. Kelly, president of West Palm Beach, Fla.-based OpenClose. “Mortgage Peer Network is a solution that will benefit lenders of all sizes.”


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