MortgageDashboard Integrated With Office XSites


MortgageDashboard now has a seamless integration with Office XSites by a la mode. MortgageDashboard users with an a la mode Web site can now export their new loan applications directly to their MortgageDashboard loan origination system – completely eliminating retyping.

New customers who sign onto MortgageDashboard will automatically receive a free Originator level XSite with a 20-day trial of the Office level XSite features, including the integration with MortgageDashboard, the companies explain. The integration also allows XSite users to receive a fully integrated MortgageDashboard account.

‘The mortgage market is slowing down, so we want to offer originators every opportunity to originate more loans,’ says Jorge Sauri, CEO of Austin, Texas-based MortgageDashboard. ‘Now a la mode is integrated into MortgageDashboard, and it's easier than ever for loan originators to generate more leads.’

Source: MortgageDashboard

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