MountainView Strengthens Risk Analytics Team

David Bennett and Michael Riley have joined risk analytics firm MountainView Capital Holdings as managing directors on the firm’s risk analytics team.

Bennett previously worked for Compass Analytics, where he was managing director and responsible for hedging pipeline risks for mortgage originators, building out custom client settings within CompassPoint and developing new products and models for the mortgage servicing rights (MSR) asset. He previously served as MSR manager at Fifth Third Bank and was responsible for model maintenance, portfolio management and valuation.

Riley was previously with W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, where he served in the senior vice president and vice president positions on the capital markets team. Prior to that, he was vice president of MSR valuation and pipeline hedging at Aurora Loan Services and director of MSR hedging at Taylor, Bean & Whitaker.

Within the risk analytics team, Riley and Bennett will work closely with other leaders and analysts to support client relationships, enhance analyses, produce additional research and foster new business opportunities. They will also work with the senior management team in continuing to expand the depth and range of risk management and analytics services that MountainView currently provides its customers.


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