M&T Bank Now Using Black Knight’s Business Intelligence Solution

M&T Bank is now using Black Knight’s enterprise business intelligence solution, which has LoanSphere Data Hub and LoanSphere Motivity as its primary components.

With the BI solution, M&T Bank will be able to gain new operational efficiencies, generate new revenue opportunities and enhance risk mitigation across multiple operations, Black Knight says in a release.

What’s more, it will be able to gain broader and deeper insight into the its mortgage portfolio.

The LoanSphere Data Hub technology aggregates, links and stores data from multiple Black Knight applications with public records and third-party sources. The technology systematically reviews and interprets large datasets and delivers the results in a way that users can easily respond to or perform specific actions.

LoanSphere Motivity makes the loan data easier to understand and act upon. By being able to view detailed information about their operations, Black Knight clients can proactively measure, monitor and manage performance across the enterprise.

Motivity also provides streamlined access to visualizations of production and performance metrics and includes configurable dashboards for users to view specific information that is important to them.

M&T Bank will also implement Motivity Insights, which are prebuilt business intelligence components packaged to solve various issues specific to the mortgage industry.

M&T Bank was already using Black Knight’s LoanSphere Empower loan origination system; LoanSphere Exchange, a data exchange network for lenders and service providers to connect and conduct business online for services; LoanSphere MSP servicing system; and several data and analytics solutions, including mortgage performance data.

As such, the bank is now using a suite of Black Knight solutions covering the entire mortgage lifecycle, from origination through servicing and default.

“Further expanding our relationship with Black Knight by implementing business intelligence into our company’s data strategy will help M&T Bank take advantage of additional benefits, such as identifying opportunities to add value for our customers and adding another tool to support our compliance efforts,” says Michael Todaro, executive vice president of the mortgage and consumer lending division of M&T Bank. “These capabilities are also key to augmenting our data strategy and leveraging our data to improve our overall efficiency and performance.”


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