MTGLQ Investors Buys More NPL Pools From Fannie Mae

MTGLQ Investors LP, a division of Goldman Sachs, is the winning bidder on five pools of approximately 6,900 nonperforming loans (NPLs) totaling $1.3 billion in unpaid principal balance recently auctioned by Fannie Mae.

This was Fannie Mae’s eighth NPL sale. Handled in collaboration with Wells Fargo Securities, the deal is expected to close on Dec. 23.

Fannie Mae began marketing the loans to potential bidders on Oct. 11, so it appears that the loans sold fairly quickly.

This was the fourth auction at which MTGLQ Investors was the winning bidder on some or all of the pools being offered. The firm was also the winning bidder on four pools of NPLs auctioned by Fannie Mae in May, as well as two pools in February and one pool in November 2015.

For more information about the pools, click here.


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