Multi-Factor Authentication Added to MCT’s Secondary Marketing Platform


As part of its ongoing effort to lead the secondary mortgage market toward stronger data security, Mortgage Capital Trading Inc. (MCT), a mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing software firm, has implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) security protocols, which require multiple methods to verify a user’s identity for logins and transactions.

“We live in an era where security sensitivities and breaches are increasingly common occurrences within organizations and their technology stacks,” says Phil Rasori, chief operating officer at MCT, in a release. “In order to most effectively protect our clients, their data and transactions, we felt that it was a prudent time to implement MFA into our MCTlive! secondary marketing software as a logical safeguard in order to maintain high levels of security.”

MCT’s new MFA technology uses Google Authenticator for MCTlive! security where the user must not only log into the platform with their credentials, but also receive a unique code from their mobile device that expires after 30 seconds. In addition, MCTlive! password requisites have been strengthened.

MFA can be configured for particular MCTlive! users to be multi-factor, or for others to have simpler, quicker password access.

MCT puts the ease of internal controls in the hands of the lender when it comes to user log on and security, which is very granular.

In addition, detailed reporting can be easily produced at any time which timestamps each user’s log in attempts and security methods used.

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