My Nest Users Can Now Get Loan Info From Churchill Mortgage

Home shoppers using the My Nest mobile application from Mortgage Coach can now get information on the loan options available for each property they look at through regional lender Churchill Mortgage.

This new capability is the result of an expanded partnership between Churchill Mortgage and Mortgage Coach.

My Nest is a mobile application that allows users to upload photos, videos and other important property details into the app and then share those details with friends and family. The app also increases education and transparency for borrowers during the home selection process.

Typically, prospective home buyers begin the process by working with Realtors, who help narrow their choice of listings and connect them with lenders based on their unique financial needs. It is only after a home is selected that the borrower is connected to a lender, who works with them to complete the purchase process.

Now, information on each property a borrower looks at is routed electronically through My Nest to a Churchill Mortgage loan originator, who delivers an interactive presentation through the app to help the borrower better evaluate the available mortgage options.

This, in turn, empowers borrowers to choose the mortgage that best meet their needs.

‘My Nest helps customers have accurate information so they can make the best decision,’ says Alfonso Parodi of Realty Associates in a release. ‘Most importantly, they can see all their options and how just a small change can affect the financing outcome.’

‘When showing homes to families, every option can become a blur,’ says Karlus Divine of Keller Williams Broker Associate. ‘With this app, everything is in one place so they are never confused.’

‘Educating and communicating with a borrower during the home buying process ensures the origination of a healthy loan, which is the foundation to achieving debt-free homeownership and is critical to the continued growth and success of the mortgage industry at large,’ adds Mike Hardwick, president of Churchill Mortgage. ‘By directly engaging the prospective home buyer with a Realtor and a lender sooner, My Nest equips borrowers with confidence and allows them to enjoy the experience as they make one of the biggest purchases of their lives.’


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