National MI Integrates with Blend


National Mortgage Insurance Corp. (National MI), a subsidiary of NMI Holdings Inc., is now directly integrated with Blend’s Loan Officer (LO) Toolkit, which supports loan officers on all key workflows across the entire loan process in one workspace. 

The integration allows lenders using LO Toolkit to obtain accurate mortgage insurance quotes through National MI’s Rate GPS tool, giving prospective borrowers the opportunity to view the latest available rates before starting a full application.

“Fostering trust with a borrower early in the process is critical to establishing long-term customer relationships,” says Erik Wrobel, Blend’s head of product. “Transparency about mortgage insurance rates goes a long way towards building that trust. With its cutting-edge technology, National MI is helping us provide a more streamlined experience for borrowers.”

Blend’s LO Toolkit optimizes loan officer workflow efficiency and mirrors how they interact with their borrowers in one end-to-end solution, including starting applications and locking in rates.

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