National MI Now Integrated with Mortgage Coach Platform


National Mortgage Insurance Corp. (National MI), the primary operating subsidiary of NMI Holdings Inc., is now integrated with the Mortgage Coach platform, which enables mortgage lenders to create accurate, digital home loan comparison scenarios for borrowers.

Mortgage lenders use the Mortgage Coach platform to share multi-option loan comparisons with borrowers through an interactive total cost analysis (TCA) presentation. Each personalized TCA presentation is delivered via a digital link, enabling the borrower to compare loan scenarios and pricing to make a more informed mortgage decision. Borrowers can now instantly view a side-by-side comparison of loan options, which include National MI mortgage insurance product options, to clearly understand the impact of private MI and the additional affordability it can provide over the life of the mortgage loan.

Mortgage lenders can access National MI’s real-time, risk-based mortgage insurance pricing through its Rate GPS tool without leaving the Mortgage Coach platform.

“National MI is very pleased to integrate with Mortgage Coach, which helps millions of consumers make educated and informed decisions about home loans based on their individual financial goals,” says Norm Fitzgerald, chief sales officer with National MI. “Mortgage professionals leveraging the Mortgage Coach platform will now be able to include our competitive rates in their loan quotes, resulting in much faster commitments and more borrowers benefiting from private mortgage insurance.”

“Mortgage insurance provides homebuyers with a crucial path to affordable homeownership, offering an alternative to making a large down payment on a home,” explains Joseph Puthur, Mortgage Coach’s president. “With National MI’s continued commitment to improve borrower education and provide mortgage insurance savings, we are delighted to add National MI’s Rate GPS pricing to our platform.”

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