New Consulting Office To Assist Fintech Companies Entering Mortgage Business

Clayton Holdings, a leading provider of loan due diligence, surveillance, REO management and consulting services to the mortgage industry, has opened a consulting office in Silicon Valley, Calif., to assist ‘fintech’ companies looking to get a slice of the mortgage market.

The firm says in a release that the new office stands ready to help tech firms bridge the gap between new, innovative technologies that are being developed to make the mortgage process faster and simpler and the realities of operating in a highly regulated, well-entrenched industry.

‘Entrepreneurs and venture capital firms are turning their significant energy and resources to the consumer lending and mortgage industries, developing alternative ways of vetting borrowers, creating new loan origination systems and bringing other ideas and solutions to the lending industry,’ says Joe D'Urso, president of Clayton, in a release. ‘But innovation doesn't always account for regulatory compliance, and Clayton has the data, experience and consultants to help these companies bridge the gap between their ideas, technology and the highly-regulated industry that they are seeking to join and change.’

Andrew Pollock, senior managing director and head of Clayton Consulting, will head up the new office located in Los Gatos, Calif.

‘By opening a local office, we will be better able to serve this growing group of firms by offering our experience and data resources to enhance their innovative ideas and groundbreaking technology,’ Pollock says.


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