New Firm To Focus On Commercial Real Estate Investments

13303_cre_corners New Firm To Focus On Commercial Real Estate Investments Louis J. Rogers, a 29-year veteran of commercial real estate investments, has launched Capital Square Realty Advisors LLC.

Based in Richmond, Va., Capital Square will focus on institutional quality real estate investments for high net worth investors seeking replacement property for Section 1031 exchanges and regular cash investments. The company, which will use the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) structure to syndicate properties in smaller units for acquisition by qualified high net worth investors, is currently focusing on office, multifamily and mixed-use assets in Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Wisconsin.

‘The DST structure is a proven and efficient vehicle for syndicating commercial real estate investments,’ says Rogers, a former Hirschler Fleischer attorney who will hold the CEO title. ‘Capital Square structures real estate investment programs intended to provide superior risk adjusted returns to investors along with material tax advantages.

‘Capital Square intends to structure DST offerings with properties that have long-term, triple-net leases with investment grade tenants,’ Rogers adds. ‘We are a newly formed company with cash on our balance sheet and no debts or liabilities. We look forward to structuring successful programs for independent broker-dealers and their clients across the country.’


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