New LoanLogics Solution Automates Document Classification and Data Extraction


LoanLogics, offering loan quality technology for mortgage manufacturing and loan acquisition, has launched LoanLogics IDEA OnDemand, a cloud-native digital assistant that helps originators automate the processing of loan documents on an as-needed basis and reduce staff costs.

Available for use on documents associated with individual loans, IDEA (Intelligent Data Extraction and Automation) OnDemand is a highly secure technology that uses machine learning to classify loan documents and extract loan data in just seconds.

IDEA OnDemand is able to identify more than 400 different document types and extract more than 8,000 individual data elements, with many critical documents and data elements achieving over 95 percent accuracy. It includes an exception management tool that enables lenders to address document and data extraction discrepancies in real-time. 

IDEA OnDemand leverages the technology behind LoanLogics IDEA, a managed service through which LoanLogics provides pre-close or post-close reviews of bulk loan uploads, as well as exception management services.

“For too long, loan originators have struggled with costly and error-prone manual processes when it comes to validating and verifying loan documents,” says Dave Parker, chief product officer for LoanLogics, in a release. “IDEA OnDemand offers originators the opportunity to see how our intelligent classification and data extraction technology can greatly reduce the time and effort they spend on processing documents for individual loans. Significant benefits result from redeployment of staff to more meaningful work and minimizing document processing tasks to simply managing exceptions.”

IDEA OnDemand features LoanLogics’ automated document recognition (ADR) technology, which uses machine learning tools to greatly expand the types of loan documents that can be classified through automation.

It also includes the company’s automated data extraction (ADE) technology, which employs textual analysis to extract thousands of data elements from both structured and unstructured documents in seconds. 

IDEA OnDemand includes an external API and offers flexible options for data output file formats that include JSON and MISMO 3.4 iLAD. It also requires very little time and IT support to implement. 

LoanLogics is currently offering a “try before you buy” program, enabling originators to experience the value of IDEA OnDemand on a trial basis at no cost.

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