New Mortgage Origination Platform Debuts for Wholesale Lenders


Floify, a digital mortgage lending technology provider, has released Floify TPO, an automated loan submission platform that directly supports wholesale lenders and their third-party originators.

The new platform enables TPOs to streamline the application and documentation-gathering process, easily register new loans with the lender and seamlessly pull new conditions from their loan origination system to create the corresponding document requests in the borrower’s digital loan portal.

Once the application process is complete, the TPO is automatically connected with the borrower so they can work together to confirm mortgage loan requirements are met and ensure a smooth process, including completing tasks such as running product and pricing scenarios.

Floify’s new TPO solution is also packaged with the company’s flagship point-of-sale system, which further accelerates the application, document collection and submission process by removing the need for the third-party originator to be involved in file creation. Floify TPO equips loan originators with over 70 productivity integrations, which include credit reporting, customer relationship management, verification of income/employment/assets, mortgage pricing engines, loan origination systems, automated underwriting systems, e-signature solutions and more.

“Floify TPO provides a winning scenario for wholesale lenders, third-party originators and the borrowers they serve,” says Floify CEO Dave Sims. “Building on the success we’ve experienced from the Floify point-of-sale system, Floify TPO ensures brokers have everything they need to further simplify the loan submission process and stay competitive in today’s digital mortgage market.”

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