New Web Site From Fla. AG Warns Consumers About Scams

a Attorney General Bill McCollum has unveiled a new Web site designed to help homeowners avoid mortgage fraud-related scams. The site, [u][link=][/link][/u], provides consumers with access to current investigations, complaint forms and tips to identify and avoid foreclosure rescue fraud. ‘Companies and individuals are taking advantage of our homeowners in these tough economic times by preying on their financial situations," says McCollum. "If we can increase consumer education and empower people to spot scams and avoid them in advance, we can help decrease the number of victims targeted by this fraud." Consumers can obtain information about active litigation involving companies against which the attorney general has taken action, and can download affidavit forms to fill out if they have been victimized by one of the companies on the list. Consumers can also access a list of investigations being conducted by the Attorney General's Mortgage Fraud Task Force to see if a particular company is currently being scrutinized. SOURCE: Office of Attorney General Bill M


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