NewFi Wholesale Using LoanScorecard to Power its Non-QM Pricing and Scenario Tool


NewFi Wholesale, a wholesale mortgage lender with expertise in government, jumbo and non-qualified mortgage (non-QM) lending, has implemented LoanScorecard’s product and pricing engine, Pricer1, and non-agency automated underwriting system, Portfolio Underwriter, as its non-QM pricing and scenario tool.

Headquartered in Emeryville, Calif., NewFi Wholesale is licensed to do business in California, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah and Washington. 

Powered by LoanScorecard’s Pricer1 and Portfolio Underwriter technology, NewFi Wholesale’s non-QM pricing and scenario tool allows approved and potential broker partners to run loan scenarios in Calyx Point or on the lender’s website.

Brokers can then quickly determine eligibility and pricing across NewFi Wholesale’s proprietary non-QM products, which include Sequoia Portfolio Plus, Sequoia Portfolio Expanded, Sequoia Investor Pro and Sequoia CPA. 

“By combining our broad range of loan products with innovative technology we are reshaping the way our broker partners shop for and close loans,” says Steve Abreu, CEO of NewFi Wholesale in a release. “We chose to partner with LoanScorecard because they allow us to provide brokers, whether or not they are approved partners, greater value by accessing our proprietary guidelines directly in their LOS. In addition, we didn’t need to spend significant time and resources building our own AUS.”

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