Nomis Reports Strong Adoption of its nSight for Mortgage Platform


Fintech firm Nomis reports that it is seeing widespread adoption of its nSight for Mortgage lending platform.

Since its launch earlier this year, subscriptions to the data-driven lending platform have grown more than 125%, the company says in a release.

Product usage trends indicate that customers have quickly integrated nSight into their pricing toolkit to keep a finger on the pulse of a volatile environment.

“Our analysis of usage stats within the platform underscores that Nomis nSight for Mortgage equips lenders of all sizes to dramatically increase the granularity of their pricing strategy,” says Joe Zeibert, managing director of global lending solutions at Nomis. “For example, when the FHFA announced an increase of 50 basis points for refis, we immediately saw a usage surge as lenders determined how best to adjust their rates in response.

“It’s clear that lenders are using real-time data to evolve their pricing strategy and choose between volume and margin in specific markets,” he adds.

Key usage trends the company has seen in the platform in recent months include the following:

Frequent fine-tuning of margins to maintain strategy in specific markets and avoid costly mispricing;

Rapid response to changes and uncertainty, such as the now-delayed FHFA adverse market refinance fee; and

Formulation of strategies to increase both margin and volume.

“We have found nSight for Mortgage to be very beneficial for recruiting and entering new markets. As a growing mortgage lender, it is crucial for us to have real-time market color when competing for new recruits. The Activity alerts are also very useful as they have allowed us to take a more tactical approach on tweaking pricing daily,” says Devin Norales, director of capital markets at Premiere Lending, in the release.

“Nomis built exactly what any modern lender needs: real-time market data to inform strategy,” says Luke Johnson, CEO of Neat Capital, a venture-backed fintech lender. “We were thrilled to find this level of transparent market information.”

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Rodney Teat
Rodney Teat
6 months ago

Being part of this truly revolutionary technology, has been one the highlights of my career. From the passion our team brings on a daily basis, to the incredible adoption we have seen in the mortgage market by some of the most innovative lenders… it is clear we are bringing the right technology, to the right industry, at the right time. Join the revolution at