NRMLA Launches Reverse-Mortgage Education Campaign

11834_nrmla_lg_logo_02_12 NRMLA Launches Reverse-Mortgage Education Campaign The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) has announced a new national public education campaign called ‘Borrow with Confidence’ that is designed to provide seniors with a set of tools to guide them through the reverse-mortgage borrowing process and establish an enhanced level of product transparency.

According to the NRMLA, the new campaign is based at the consumer information website, which contains tools that explain reverse mortgages, along with the product's application process, fees, qualification criteria and potential risks. For seniors without access to a computer or the Internet, a paper-based version of the campaign is available upon request.

‘Our members have sat across the kitchen table from seniors and their families and discussed reverse mortgages for 20 years now, and this program is a response to the borrowers' questions, concerns and needs,’ says Peter Bell, CEO and president of the NRMLA. ‘These 'Borrow with Confidence' tools will provide seniors with knowledge and comfort that will enrich their conversation when they sit down with a lender or counselor.’


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