NYLX Enhances LoanDecisions


NYLX, a provider of point-of-sale product eligibility and pricing technology systems, says it has significantly enhanced LoanDecisions, its all-in-one product eligibility and pricing engine.

The enhancements, which include real-time investor change notifications, re-pricing auto alerts for specific loans currently in the pipeline, and a new lock status report feature, are intended to enable companies to achieve higher profitability. They also offer the assurance of 99.99995% accuracy in accessing up-to-the-minute rate and guideline changes, along with higher visibility into lock status for managing the pricing of locked loans, NYLX says.

NYLX's Investor Intra-Day Re-Pricing Notification System alerts NYLX users via e-mail of loan re-pricing, just minutes after it is announced from the investor, and it also displays a visual warning in the LoanDecisions system, the company explains. A second e-mail alert is also sent to the customer confirming the most recent rates are available in the system.

NYLX has also added a lock status information page within LoanDecisions that better facilitates the flow of information between loan officers and the secondary department. This printer-friendly page enables loan officers to check and monitor status of locked loans, stay apprised of any changes to the locked program and even gather notes from the secondary department.

Source: NYLX

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