OpenClose Updates Its LOS With New Online And Mobile POS Tools

OpenClose reports that it has updated its enterprise-class, multichannel loan origination system (LOS) to include online and mobile point-of-sale tools.

Specifically, the firm has enhanced its ConsumerAssist tool to help lenders deliver a highly attractive, straightforward and interactive experience for borrowers.

Now, ConsumerAssist can be accessed via the Web or any mobile device, providing portability and accessibility at any time and from anywhere. This results in increased leads and decreased production costs.

ConsumerAssist also now sends real-time alerts to lenders as a borrower completes an application from any device. This allows for quick follow-up by a loan officer or customer service representative.

The features of ConsumerAssist can be customized to a lender’s unique specifications – along with branding for branch and loan officer Web pages, as well as mobile applications to create a more personalized experience, the firm says in a press release.

OpenClose further reports that its DecisionAssist product and pricing engine, which instantly returns decisioning at the point of sale, can now be easily added to a lender’s existing website and integrated with the OpenClose LOS.


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