Optimal Blue Now Integrated With Roostify

To help lenders achieve shorter closing times, higher loan volume, higher-quality loans and increased customer satisfaction, Optimal Blue‘s loan pricing engine is now integrated with Roostify‘s application and loan processing platform.

“Our goal is always to enable lenders to offer the best possible loan application experience to consumers, and we’re excited to further that goal through partnering with an industry leader like Optimal Blue,” said Rajesh Bhat, CEO of Roostify, in a release. “The integration with Optimal Blue is a win for our joint customers, who will be able to close loans faster and more seamlessly. It’s also a win for their customers, who will benefit from a more transparent, streamlined application process and realize a far less stressful home buying experience.”

Optimal Blue boasts that its pricing engine has a 99.999+% accuracy rate.

“Lenders have an insatiable appetite for innovative, market-leading solutions that drive ease, transparency and efficiency to the mortgage process,” said Mark Coupland, vice president of business development at Optimal Blue. “We’re extremely excited to see Roostify connecting with the Optimal Blue platform in such a way that the tools driving pricing and product decisions, as well as workflow, will be interwoven into a unique experience within Roostify that provides tangible value for both the lender and consumer.”

Mortgage lender Axia Home Loans is already benefiting from the integration.

“Roostify is a key component in giving our clients the ability to quickly and confidentially submit financial information to begin the process of an entirely new mortgage experience, while Optimal Blue’s automation tools increase our efficiency and profitability,” said Gellert Dornay, president and CEO of Axia Home Loans. “The integration of these services will further streamline and improve our clients’ mortgage experience, addressing increasing customer demand for greater transparency, confidentiality and ability to expedite. This all fits perfectly into Axia Home Loans’ strategy to improve the process for our clients to make educated decisions around sustainable homeownership.”


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