Optimal Blue Teams Up With Blend To Bring Mortgages Into The Modern Age


Optimal Blue, a provider of real-time pricing engines and hedging technology to the mortgage industry, is partnering with Blend, a Silicon Valley, Calif., technology company, to bring mortgages into the modern age.

The partnership means lenders that use Blend and Optimal Blue will be able to seamlessly integrate pricing workflows into Blend, resulting in an end-to-end digital mortgage platform with a sleek user interface that significantly improves lender efficiency.

The combination of the two will provide more transparent and streamlined mortgage application experiences built on robust data connectivity, empowering lenders to provide a more complete decision-ready application faster than ever before.

“Optimal Blue is focused on developing technology that empowers lenders to make smart, accurate decisions while producing the best loan options for their borrowers,” says Scott Happ, CEO of Optimal Blue, in a release. “This partnership with Blend moves our mission forward by introducing our pricing workflow into an emerging platform with a modern interface.”

“At its core, Blend was built to propel the mortgage process into the digital age,” says Nima Ghamsari, CEO and co-founder of Blend. “We’re committed to providing the best customer experience and the most efficient path toward homeownership. Partnering with industry technology leaders like Optimal Blue makes that experience even better.”

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