Overture Announces Mozart 6.0

Overture Technologies, based in Bethesda, Md., has announced the spring launch of Mozart 6.0, which the company says is its most enhanced, powerful and versatile decisioning solution for mortgage lenders and investors.

Mozart 6.0's enhancements enable the lender to support its mission of high compliancy with the transparent decisioning necessary to meet suitability challenges and greater accuracy, providing a strategic opportunity to rebuild the mortgage finance arena.

The new version also offers new agile pricing functions designed to make it faster and easier for users to present new rates and products to their customers. Additional improvements include a user-direct password setup function where users can set up their own passwords, security questions and answers when first accessing Mozart 6.0; the ability to require periodic password resetting; the capacity to lock accounts after a customer-defined number of failed access attempts; improved error handling; and enhanced data security.

Product metadata can also be stored at multiple levels, which allows for smaller product lists, and single-rate, par pricing can be translated into a full rate-point schedule, so users no longer need to buy-up or buy-down loans one at a time, Overture Technologies adds.


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