Panorama Integrates Rely Home Loans into Group with Manfret Roesner as President


Rely Home Loans has joined Panorama Mortgage Group (PMG), a multi-brand national mortgage company headquartered in Nevada. Manfret Roesner will lead the company as president. Rely Home Loans specializes in guiding and supporting consumers through the loan process to ensure a simple and effortless home buying experience.

“We’re excited to welcome Manfret and Rely Home Loans to our organization as we endeavor to provide home financing options to the underserved,” says Sarah Gonzalez, PMG’s president and COO. “We share a commitment to and value for the Hispanic community and Manfret’s 20 years in the business will go a long way to ensuring we provide homeownership opportunities to individuals that deserve them.”

A full-service mortgage lender serving Utah with plans to expand into Florida and Arizona, Rely Home Loans will be supported by PMG’s comprehensive platforms to support its entrepreneurial spirit and allow its loan officers to operate more as independent business owners rather than just producers. “PMG saw something in us worth cultivating. By partnering with them, we’ll be better positioned to offer career opportunities to those we identify as having the ability and potential to grow into something special,” states Roesner. “At the same time, we’ll be able to further our mission and commitment to serve the Latino community.”

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