PCLender, Mortgage Capital Trading Now Integrated

Mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing technology firm Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT) reports that it has integrated its secondary marketing solution with PCLender’s loan origination system (LOS).

That means users of PCLender’s LOS and MCT’s hedge advisory services can seamlessly transmit critical hedge pipeline data, saving time and enhancing information security.

More specifically, users can pass and populate loan details from PCLender’s LOS to MCT’s hedge model. This, in turn, reduces the risk of market movement and ensures the optimization of mutual clients’ hedge positions.

“The integration gives me confidence that my trader has the best data at hand to help ensure my hedge position and maximize my profitability,” says Spence Killam, director of operations and principle at Millenium Home Mortgage, which uses both MCT and PCLender, in a release. “I am thrilled that my LOS and hedge firm proactively allocate resources to develop technology to provide us with better service.”


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