Polly PPE Integrated with Mortgage Coach


Mortgage Coach, a platform empowering mortgage lenders to educate borrowers with interactive home loan presentations, is now integrated with Polly, a provider of SaaS technology for the mortgage capital markets space.

The integration feeds real-time data from Polly’s cloud-based product and pricing engine (PPE) into Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis (TCA) presentations, enabling side-by-side home loan comparisons that give borrowers the confidence to move forward with the financial products that best meet their needs, the companies say in a release.

Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach merged in June to form the mortgage industry’s first borrower intelligence platform (BIP). By combining actionable, real-time borrower intelligence with interactive TCA presentations, Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach empower mortgage advisors to reach out to prospective borrowers at exactly the right time and walk them through rich loan comparisons that span the lender’s full breadth of product offerings and consider each scenario’s impact on both short-term monthly cash flow and long-term net worth.

Polly’s end-to-end capital markets toolset features a modern, cloud-native PPE that offers lenders of all sizes greater speed, accuracy, and configurability across all loan pricing and lock processes, as well as a robust loan trading exchange and comprehensive analytics platform.

“Lenders invest significant time and money into building diverse portfolios of loan products designed to meet borrowers’ unique needs, yet those products often sit underutilized,” says Joe Puthur, chief lending officer at Mortgage Coach and Sales Boomerang, in a release. “Piping Polly’s precise product and pricing data into engaging, data-rich Mortgage Coach TCA presentations solves that problem by making it not only possible, but easy for mortgage advisors to present a wider array of financial solutions to every borrower, every time.”

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