Private Lenders to Get a Boost from RES.NET Partnership


RES.NET, a technology platform specializing in mortgage banking default, and the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL), a group representing the private real estate lending industry nationally, have entered into a strategic alliance to provide core default management and asset recovery products and solutions to private lenders nationwide.

AAPL members and affiliates now have access through the association’s Member Discount program to RES.NET’s technology suite, including the Loss Mitigation’s Short Sale with Deed in Lieu Module and Real Estate Owned (REO) portals. Users can also  leverage RES.NET’s single sign-on integrated partners with added tools for accessing USRES’ default valuation products, Interactive Automated Valuations Model (iAVM) through an integrated partner, and Xactware’s Repairwise and XactPRM, providing repair estimating and renovation management tools.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a recognized and well-respected default services provider in the industry,” says Linda Hyde, managing director of AAPL. “We are excited to now bring powerful loss mitigation tools to our members through RES.NET’s joining of our Member Discount program. Our goal is to provide our members with a variety of ethical and experienced partners who can solve their individual challenges, as well as address challenges throughout the private lending industry”

“Each of our portals has been designed specifically to support mortgage default, and each expansion has been designed by customer experience and compliance experts,” explains Angela Hurst, SVP, USRES and RES.NET. “After decades of serving a highly regulated industry, it is purpose-built to fill critical gaps within each customer’s own process and provides solutions-based input from subject matter experts, and scores of clients over the years. Together with the AAPL, private lenders nationwide now have access to this suite of solutions, providing lenders the ability to evolve alongside the industry as new strategies emerge and moreover, as we support our private lending customers as they prepare for added regulation in private lending.”

Formed in 2009, AAPL is the first national organization representing the private real estate and peer-to-peer lending industry. Its members include private money lenders, hard money lenders, mortgage fund managers, brokers and service providers from around the U.S.

Photo: Angela Hurst

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