Pro Teck Valuation Services Changes Name to Pro Teck Valuation Intelligence


Home valuations provider Pro Teck Valuation Services has changed its name to Pro Teck Valuation Intelligence.

Pro Teck has been providing valuations for more than 40 years. It has evolved from the days of polaroids and paper to empowering its national network of 40,000 qualified real estate professionals with the latest technology, data and analytics, the company says in a release.

“It started 12 years ago when we introduced CollateralPoint, one of the first innovative valuation products that integrated data and analytics with human expertise,” says Tom O’Grady, CEO of Pro Teck Valuation Intelligence. “Since then, we have built an array of intelligent products for all aspects of mortgage finance, servicing and investment.”  

Pro Teck’s production platform, Valuation Intelligence, uses robust market data and analytics to assist its appraiser and broker partners, inform internal QC operations, and add report transparency for clients.

“Valuation Intelligence enables us to deliver the industries’ most accurate and supported market values, an accomplishment worthy of a name change,” adds O’Grady.

The company will be migrating to the new name and revised logo over the next few months.

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