Promontory Fulfillment Services Endorsed by Community Bank Services


Community Bank Services (CBS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the North Carolina Bankers Association (NCBA), has officially endorsed Promontory Fulfillment Services’ (PFS) mortgage fulfillment services and proprietary point-of-sale technology, Borrower Wallet.

That means community banks in North Carolina have gained a new option for offering mortgages as a core product without the expense and burden of supporting an entire mortgage operation, PFS says in a release.

CBS selected PFS’ mortgage fulfillment services for their ability to help community banks manage costs and remain competitive in the face of ever-increasing built-in expenses.

Banks working with PFS gain the support of a partner focused on deploying its expertise and industry-leading practices to help banks seamlessly serve their customers.

CBS also recognized PFS’ point-of-sale technology, Borrower Wallet, for its ability to deliver a consistent, transparent digital borrower experience while significantly enhancing lender compliance.

“In today’s banking environment, increasing regulatory and compliance burdens have pushed costs higher and squeezed profits, driving many community banks out of the mortgage business,” says Kim T. Hutchens, executive vice president for CBS, in a release. “PFS has put together a service that will allow our banks to provide mortgage services in a first class, profitable, efficient and customer-focused, secured program.”

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