Prymak Introduces Technology Toolkit For Lenders

Prymak LLC, based in Greensboro, N.C., has introduced the Technology Toolkit, a downloadable set of easy-to-use templates, samples/examples, tips and guidelines designed to teach lenders how to plan and execute high-impact technology initiatives.

The kit includes components for an analysis of existing processes and systems (with the following templates: technology analysis plan, user audit and IT requirements questionnaire); for a technology selection process (with the following templates: sample RFP, technology/product comparison matrix, vendor assessment and client reference questionnaire); and for the technology's deployment (with the following templates: implementation checklist and project timeline).

Project management and reporting tools, including a budget spreadsheet and ROI calculator, are also included.

"An effective technology project can make a tremendous impact on whether a lending organization succeeds or fails, especially in today's market," notes Peter Fugaro, president of Prymak. "Lenders could spend hundreds of hours learning best practices and creating templates, and they could potentially lose hundreds of thousands in revenue if their project fails."


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