Quicken Loans Adopts Docutech ConformX Engine


Mortgage lender Quicken Loans has implemented Docutech’s flagship ConformX dynamic document engine, which will integrate with Quicken Loans’ loan origination system (LOS) to produce data-driven documents that are dynamically generated and placed into the appropriate package.

With ConformX, every relevant data field is imported, defaulted or automatically populated through rules-based intelligence and calculations to ensure the most streamlined document experience possible, Docutech says. ConformX supports first mortgage, second mortgage and home equity loans.

“As a company driven by providing the best, most client-centric solutions, we are excited to be working with Docutech to implement ConformX,” says Tim Birkmeier, chief revenue officer for Quicken Loans. “Their product allows us to automatically generate documents, eliminating any potential for human error, which helps our clients get to the closing table faster.”

In late 2015, Quicken Loans introduced Rocket Mortgage, the first fully digital mortgage experience. Now, 98% of all home loans originated by Quicken Loans utilize some aspect of Rocket Mortgage technology. The integration with ConformX will allow Quicken Loans to more simply generate mortgage documents, helping enhance the lending process.

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