Quicken Loans Debuts Thanksgiving Parade Float

12779_quicken_float Quicken Loans Debuts Thanksgiving Parade Float Quicken Loans has gotten an early start on the Thanksgiving holiday by unveiling its new ‘What If?’ parade float outside of its downtown Detroit headquarters. The float, which is designed to celebrate Quicken Loans' culture and creativity, will be part of America's Thanksgiving Parade, which will be held in Detroit on Nov. 22

According to the company, ‘What If?’ is a 17-foot tall and 60-foot long float featuring a larger-than-life tree house where kids imagine the next great idea. Other design elements include ‘amazing’ ideas like a bicycle that flies, a tree that rakes its own leaves, a garden that grows its own light bulbs and a lemonade production line from tree to glass.

The float was designed in partnership with Quicken Loans and built by The Parade Co.


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