Quicken Loans Unit to Be Rebranded Rocket Pro TPO


Quicken Loans Mortgage Services (QLMS) says it will soon undergo a full rebrand, with QLMS becoming Rocket Pro TPO (for “third party origination”), which the company says will closer align the business with the Rocket Mortgage brand.

“QLMS is now aligning with the Rocket brand – the most recognizable mortgage brand in the country – and giving partners the ability to use it in their marketing to assist more Americans,” says Austin Niemiec, executive vice president of the soon-to-be-named Rocket Pro TPO. “We have spent billions of dollars in the development and marketing of the Rocket platform, which we are now delivering directly to brokers to leverage and grow their business.”

With the rebranding, partners will have access to exclusive and powerful Rocket technology. The lender is building an entirely new white-labeled, broker-branded origination hub that will provide seamless e-signature technology, greater visibility into loan status, and heightened ability for applicants to directly upload loan documents.

Additionally, partners will have the ability to leverage the Rocket Mortgage name through co-branding, as well as tie into leads generated by its national and local advertising.

Rocket Pro TPO also partnered with Google to create and unveil PathFinder, which is the integration of many of its most popular tools into one centralized location. It combines resources like Guru, a search engine for mortgage origination, and The Answer, a tool powered by Google search that provides solutions to all mortgage guideline questions, into a new technology connecting underwriters with brokers.

The lender has also created its exclusive Rocket Pro Referral network. This platform connects partners to an entirely new network where they can build relationships, look for opportunities and obtain leads. This encourages consumer-facing influencers to submit a client’s information and send it to their preferred loan originator to complete the mortgage process.

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4 months ago

What’s does this mean for Rocket shareholders?