RegCheck Now Delivers Enhanced TRID Capabilities


Asurity Technologies’ RegCheck compliance solution now delivers enhanced TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) capabilities.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s TRID rules reshaped the mortgage lending landscape, necessitating the implementation of processes and tools engineered to achieve regulatory compliance, the consumer lending compliance software and advisory services firm says in a release.

Recognizing the needs of mortgage lenders to mitigate compliance and related business risks, RegCheck enables its customers to conduct their lending operations with confidence that adherence to relevant compliance standards is being actively assessed and verified on a transaction-level basis.

“We are thrilled to unveil RegCheck’s enriched feature set, including broadened TRID capabilities,” says Julia Sweeney, executive vice president of software products for RegCheck, in the release. “These product advancements underscore our ongoing commitment and dedication to delivering best-in-class compliance solutions and support to mortgage lenders, enabling them to navigate regulatory challenges cost-effectively and confidently.”

RegCheck, recognized for its extensive suite of tests designed to ensure individual loan-level compliance with applicable mortgage lending laws and regulations, enables loan officers and compliance specialists to accelerate loan closings with greater confidence and accuracy. 

Leveraging the advantages of innovative technology and deep domain expertise, RegCheck rapidly identifies root cause compliance failures in loan applications and pinpoints the specific data gaps that need to be addressed throughout the loan origination process, accelerating processing timelines, reducing errors – ultimately, making loans more serviceable and saleable.

RegCheck’s TRID test suite goes beyond basic regulatory checks by offering a comprehensive, real-time compliance framework tailored to specific customer needs.

With this new release, RegCheck now brings lenders and servicers the following additional benefits:

  • Support for Open or Closed Loan Audits. Comprehensive TRID timing and tolerance audits whether disclosure updates are submitted individually at each step of the origination process or all at once as in the examination of closed loans during a Portfolio or Regulatory review.
  • Flexible Submissions within a Single Account. Unlike other leading compliance solutions in the market, RegCheck offers its customers the flexibility to submit either of the use cases described above from within the same account, thereby saving time and simplifying the submission process.
  • Adaptable to a Customer’s Specific Business Practices. Customers can easily configure, at the fee level, RegCheck’s acceptance of change of circumstance (COC) reasons to match their own compliance policies.
  • Intuitive Presentation of Tolerance Results. A simple yet comprehensive reporting of tolerance results. Customers can now quickly identify fee changes found to exceed tolerance thresholds and determine whether any COCs were used in a manner that conflicts with the customer’s business practices.
  • Expanded Timing Tests. RegCheck now offers a more comprehensive suite of timing tests, including testing of waiting period, post consummation and rate lock disclosure timing.
  • Bond Loan Fee Restriction Testing. In addition to the TRID related enhancements listed above, RegCheck has also introduced testing of fee restrictions specific to bond loans.

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