Resource Financial Services Using NestReady to Create Seamless Home Buying Process


Mortgage lender Resource Financial Services is partnering with mortgage technology firm NestReady to create a more seamless home buying process for its customers.

NestReady integrates the home buying and home financing processes into a single, streamlined process. The goal is to put the mortgage lender at the center of the home buying process.

When a home shopper lands on the lender’s home page they will find an option to shop for homes. NestReady, which is offered on a white labeled basis, gives shoppers access to nationwide multiple listing services (MLS) and then connects them with its network of agents.

The mortgage lender can give the home shopper help and advice along the way and, thus, is involved in the entire home buying process, end-to end. The company claims that this, in turn, enables lenders to engage with borrowers earlier in the process, increase conversions, build customer loyalty and win repeat business.

“The growing number of millennials looking to buy a home inspired us to implement services they feel comfortable using and those that will make the home buying process less intimidating,” says A. Wade Douroux, CEO of Resource Financial Services, in a release. “Our partnership with NestReady stemmed from our need to enhance our digital user experience, and we are now able to provide a single platform that streamlines all the difficult parts of the home buying process.

“We are excited about the partnership and believe the technology and concept behind what NestReady is offering will change the home purchasing process for the better,” Douroux adds.

Through NestReady’s machine-learning, predictive analytics platform, Resource Financial’s loan originators can gain actionable insight and retain customers by understanding their behavior through analysis, transactional data, and more in order to take the right action at the right time.

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