Roostify Teams With zipLogix To Put More Power Into Agents’ Hands

Mortgage software company Roostify is partnering with zipLogix to give real estate agents that use zipLogix’ platform single-click access to mortgage data and documents.

In addition, through automation, real estate agents will be able to have mortgage transaction events automatically trigger action items for them, Roostify says in a release.

This will help reduce the risk of dropped balls in the closing process, the firm says. Purchase contract and property transaction data will flow seamlessly between systems, thus reducing data error issues and improving speed and integrity.

ZipLogix’ platform helps real estate professionals improve productivity and efficiency. Roostify, meanwhile, is a Web and mobile service that makes the home-buying experience easier and quicker by simplifying the loan application and digitizing the application-to-closing process.

“Roostify represents our first foray into offering a home loan solution to consumers and real estate professionals that makes the mortgage application, funding and closing process simple, efficient and secure,” says Mark Peterson, chairman of the board for zipLogix, in a release. “The technology provides a similar ease-of-use experience for real estate professionals as well as loan officers and other mortgage and financial professionals.”

“The home loan process today involves several parties, many who operate in different silos, making what is already an exhausting process, even more so,” adds Rajesh Bhat, CEO of Roostify. “This partnership will allow for real estate agents, who are integral to the home loan closing process, to seamlessly collaborate in real-time, improving the integrity and speed of a home closing and increasing transparency for the consumer. Our lender customers desire to provide greater visibility and responsiveness to their real estate partners. This integration results in a more efficient process for the lender and real estate agents and a happier customer at the close of the loan.”


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