RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Teams with Compass Analytics for API


RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corp. and Compass Analytics have introduced a new API that further automates cash flow-based, loan-level servicing release premiums (SRP) co-issue bids.

The companies claim this is a first for the industry.

As part of its initiative to improve the accuracy of MSR pricing and duration along with extending integration further into capital markets, Compass Analytics has added automated loan-level SRP co-issue bids to its library of APIs and bid automation, the company says in a release.

RoundPoint will private-label Compass’ API and bid-automation offerings to integrate and automate its co-issue bids and commitments to the industry.

Lenders, through their internal systems, hedge advisors or LOS systems can now integrate to RoundPoint to seamlessly receive and commit live co-issue SRPs as part of their best execution processes.

Sellers or their partners can employ the same work flow currently employed by the industry for mini-bulk bidding and, beginning June 10, will also have the option of integrating into RoundPoint’s BidStream API.

“The new live SRP quoting integration is an exciting leap in automating the best execution experience for the co-issue workflow,” says Mike Duncan, product manager for Compass. “It’s a win for both the investor, who now has more opportunity to price more granularly and in real-time, and for the seller, who now has a simplified workflow and one that does not require managing complicated pricing grids.”  

“By offering SRPs in real time through utilizing the Compass Analytics platform, we are able to inject more certainty into the process, thereby giving clients and prospective clients a way to secure the best price possible for their loans,” adds Saket Nigam, vice president capital markets at RoundPoint. “In keeping with our corporate culture of creating innovative mortgage solutions, we are the first co-issue buyer to offer this technology. We’re also excited about the future potential of this tool and applying it to other processes such as boarding loans which could create a more seamless delivery process and speed up closing and funding times.”

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