RxOffice Platform Tops 18M Transactions

ft LLC says its RxOffice platform has processed more than 18 million transactions since 2008. The company also reports that it is in the process of receiving third-party certification from Microsoft, which will validate the platform's security and scalability. RxOffice is a case management, workflow management and document management platform that has processed more than 14.5 million cases in workflow transactions. RxOffice also includes a robust document management solution and houses over 3.5 million documents relating to mortgage defaults. ‘Mortgage defaults are at unprecedented volumes, and millions of [Home Affordable Modification Program] trial modifications are stalled from lack of supporting documents," says Anna Taylor, chief technology officer with IndiSoft. "While legacy systems have been challenged in storing and associating specific documents with specific cases, RxOffice can manage high-volumes and sort documents properly." RxOffice's document management feature includes the generation of letters, e-mails and notes from templates. It also features a storehouse for interfaced and uploaded documents. SOURCE: [link=http://www.indisoft.us/index.html]IndiSoft


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