SearchMyLoan Upgrades Loan Pricing And Search Engine

0 (SML), a provider of loan search and pricing services for the mortgage industry, says it has upgraded its loan pricing and search engine for easier navigation and improved accuracy during loan searches.

New features include an added welcome screen informing users of enhancements, changes, lender statuses and general messaging; divided search screens into basic and advanced searching capabilities; and messaging features included to assist users with obtaining better results by guiding users to the most appropriate fields for highly accurate criteria.

Additional modifications include an enhanced search criteria summary for easier readability, a save search alert that prompts users to periodically save the search information using a dialogue box and an added lender preference selection section, enabling users to choose with greater ease a specific lender, as well as the desired channels.

"By arming users with messaging assistance for targeted guidance capabilities, a more detailed results page and the informative new welcome screen, our customers can find the most appropriate lending attributes for prospective borrowers in a fraction of the time ordinarily spent searching for the criteria without a loan search engine," states Salvatore Tomaselli, CEO of SearchMyLoan.


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