SecurityNational Mortgage Using DocMagic to Deliver E-Closings


SecurityNational Mortgage Corp. (SNMC), an independent national mortgage banker, is now delivering a fully digital mortgage experience for its borrowers using DocMagic’s Total eClose platform.

Since rolling out Total eClose in September, SNMC has reduced borrower time at the closing table to as little as 15 minutes, DocMagic says.

It is one of the first national lenders to offer a true e-closing solution that involves no paper whatsoever.

Using DocMagic’s paperless document processing, the lender has dramatically sped up the closing process, ensuring accuracy and loan quality, and delivering newfound efficiencies for borrowers, notaries and settlement providers.

Total eClose enables SNMC’s customers to preview documents prior to closing, e-sign all documents and complete both remote and in-person e-notarizations.

As a result, the mortgage lender is now positioned to capture more market share, reduce operational costs, expedite closing times and elevate the borrower experience.

“Our goal was to perfect a completely digital e-closing process, not to be just another lender offering a basic hybrid closing,” says Steve Johnson, president of SNMC, in a release. “Achieving our goal required a powerful end-to-end technology, a perfectly executed seamless implementation, and an intuitive interface that everyone – staff, settlement service providers and borrowers- could use immediately, without a steep learning curve.”

DocMagic’s suite of e-solutions and e-services also includes SMARTDocs, e-notes capability, e-vault technology, e-warehouse lending and loan servicing.

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